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Welcome to How to Use My Smartphone!

Do you own a smartphone and have no idea how to use it? Well hopefully with our help those days are over! Our goal at How to Use My Smartphone is to have the answers for the most common questions you have about using your device. You have unlimited access to over 100 short “How to” smartphone videos that cover multiple phone brands; all broken down to the individual question you have about your device. Visit us on Google+


  • Set up a reminder in your calendar by simply giving your phone a voice command.
  • Discover your navigation features and never feel lost again.
  • Don’t waste time typing that text message, use the voice command functions on your phone and speak your entire message.

Learn how to do all of these things and more! Click on the Smartphone Videos tab above to access the library of short “How to” videos.

  • Have trouble finding your car in a crowded parking lot?  We’ve got an app for that!
  • Not sure if you’re overpaying for that item at the counter?  We’ve got an app for that!

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Stay up to date with the latest news in the smartphone world. You will have access to helpful smartphone tips, reviews of the latest products and cool smartphone accessories that we use and love. Click on the Blog tab to access our HTU Blog site and enjoy!

From The HTU Blog

  • How to Download an App

    “Basic Intro to Smartphone Applications” You hear all about them but like many smartphone users you might now know what they are and where to get them.  Our goal here is to help you understand the basics of smartphone applications.  Let’s get started! The two most common application markets are the Apple App Store and the Google … Read More
  • How To Use Google Maps “BASIC INTRO TO GOOGLE MAPS” By: David DuBois Remember the days of going on a Sunday drive with your parents, only to watch the panic set in as they slowly realize they’re lost?  Watching them attempt to gain control of a paper map they spent hours charting the night before, just to see the … Read More
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    A Super-Powered Smartphone That Lasts For Days

    Darren Orf via GIZMODO There have been lots of leaked documents and images ahead of Verizon’s Droid Turbo announcement, but yes, this thing has powerful guts to spare. Including maybe the most important feature a smartphone can have: A battery that’ll keep you going for days. You might compare the Turbo to Motorola’s own flagship, the … Read More